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Monday, July 20, 2009

Are you under 30 and can't find work? Thank Wallstreet......

Wondering how your parents found a decent wage back when they were finished with school? Wondering why you can't? Yeah, for those of us who went to college and who were promised a decent wage there is a big disappointment in this country.

The truth is, the babyboomers can't retire! And they're hanging onto good paying jobs. Thank our trust in the free market for this one, had our Government insured their retirements the babyboomers would be able to retire and good paying jobs would be much more prevalent.

AARP has a great piece on this:

"For decades, demographers, academics, economists and journalists have been telling us how someday the boomers would revolutionize retirement in America. We were beguiled with portraits of healthy, energetic retirees leaving their jobs and devoting themselves to personal improvement and community service.

Well, that someday has finally arrived. And guess what? Millions of boomers who want to retire find that they can't retire. Several national opinion polls and studies reveal that many would-be retirees are so overwhelmed by money worries and concerns about health insurance that they have decided to delay retirement!"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pentagon to create complete new sci-fi genre, unveils zombie robots that eat people!

Apparently Hollywood out of ideas and needing inspiration has forced the Pentagon to create a race of flesh eating robots. This is so crazy on so many levels that I can't even begin to comment on what a terrible idea this is!

This isn't a joke!

Here's the company's website, and pdf file on the robot.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

And you wouldn't know it from the 24 hr Michael Jackson news cycle, but IRAN IS STILL BURNING!

The Huffingtonpost has done a great job covering the news on the ground.

New poll, Scientists like Democrats, Need more funding

Pew has new data out about science, scientists, and the American public.

It's very surprising though, most scientists claim to be liberal, but support nuclear power, and support scientific testing on animals.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MJ and Sarah Palin are ruining news coverage on Iran.......

People.... the Iranians are on the verge of an organic, grassroots revolution and all the network news is talking about is Michael Jackson and Sarah Palin.

Mind you Jackson made a huge impact on American music, and I think Sarah Palin is more dangerous than Kim Jong-il (my libertarian roommate worked for Obama in Ohio just because Palin was on the ticket), but there is quite a bit happening in Iran right now.

KY GOP had better get ready for divisive, bloody senate race.

Yes that's right, there's going to be a showdown between Sen. Jim Bunning and our Secretary of State Trey Grayson. Political Wire and the Lexington Herald Leader have some coverage.

That's right Kentucky, they're both running amid speculation for months that Bunning would be pressured to drop out. The GOP is doing it's best to starve Bunning of funds, but that won't stop Bunning the same guy who talked about little green men attacking him in 2004.

This is going to be a laugh riot, Bunning is sooo crazy that the primary in '10 is going to provide entertainment that will rival Sarah Palin's VP run.

For those not from Kentucky, Bunning has been ranked as 1 of the 5 worst Senators in the United States in 2006, and is interested in nothing but baseball.

July 9th In Solidarity with Iran protest

Mark your calendars. Here's the facebook page.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Racists still don't understand the 'internets'

"Audra Shay, vice chairman of the Young Republicans and the leading candidate to be elected its chairman on Saturday, is now the latest in a growing list of GOP officials learning this lesson the hard way, based on pictures of a now-deleted Facebook page obtained by The Daily Beast."

"On Wednesday, Shay—a 38-year-old Army veteran, mother, and event planner from Louisiana who has been endorsed by her governor, Bobby Jindal—was holding court on her Facebook page, initiating a political conversation by posting that “WalMart just signed a death warrant” by “endorsing Obama’s healthcare plan.” At 1:52, a friend named listed as Eric S. Piker, but whose personal page says his actual name is Eric Pike, wrote “It’s the government making us commies… can’t even smoke in my damn car… whats next they going to issue toilet paper once a month… tell us how to wipe our asses…”

Two minutes later, Piker posted again saying “Obama Bin Lauden [sic] is the new terrorist… Muslim is on there side [sic]… need to take this country back from all of these mad coons… and illegals.”

Eight minutes after that, at 2:02, Shay weighed in on Piker’s comments: “You tell em Eric! lol.”

These people need to get away from the Ted Stevens internet classes and go with that one guy who promises your money back if you're not sooo impressed with his lessons.

Or here's an idea: REALIZE YOU'RE LIVING IN THE 21ST CENTURY AND PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR *&#&@!!! We have a black president, get over it, you're bringing the collective IQ of the United States down.

Iran is 'still' burning.

The L.A. Times is reporting that the Revolutionary Guard has taken over in Iran.

Liveblogging from Huffingtonpost is reporting that after consulting with Captain Planet "Tehran's pollution committee has decided to close all government agencies, schools, and factories for the next two days due to heavy pollution."

Are you buying that one?

Andrew Sullivan's blog was liveblogging events in Iran too, but it seems as if the Daily Dish has lost interest.

Obama rocks again, signs preliminary treaty with Russia to reduce nuclear arsenal.

The joint understanding also commits the updated treaty to lower longer-range missiles for delivering nuclear bombs to between 500 and 1,100. The limit for warheads would be in a range of 1,500 to 1,675 each.......the two countries possess more than 90 percent of the world's nuclear weapons. Under current treaties, each country is allowed a maximum of 2,200 warheads and 1,600 launch vehicles.

Robert McNamara dead at 93

Former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara died on Monday aged 93. He will be remembered most as the leading architect of America's involvement in the Vietnam War.

Esquire ran an article originally published in the January 2002 issue, it wraps up what McNamara learned from life pretty well.

Youtube has the entire 'Fog of War' documentary up, McNamara speaks about his life, WWI, WWII, The Ford Motor Company, The Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam and more.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

GOP: Bin Laden needs to kill Americans.

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Sarah Palin is as cool as Miami Vice

“I think Sarah Palin is on the verge of becoming the Miami Vice of American politics: Something a lot of people once thought was cool and then 20 years later look back, shake their heads and just kind of laugh,” quipped Republican media consultant Todd Harris.

The DNC has put out a new video about Sen. McConnell's attitude towards the general welfare of Kentucky.

Sarah Palin/Michael Jackson distractions from Iran

With the passing of Jackson and Palin's resignation the media has taken it's eye off of the turmoil in Iran. Clerical leaders in Iran have disobeyed the Supreme Leader and declared the current gov't illegitimate on the 4th of July, coincidence?