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Monday, July 20, 2009

Are you under 30 and can't find work? Thank Wallstreet......

Wondering how your parents found a decent wage back when they were finished with school? Wondering why you can't? Yeah, for those of us who went to college and who were promised a decent wage there is a big disappointment in this country.

The truth is, the babyboomers can't retire! And they're hanging onto good paying jobs. Thank our trust in the free market for this one, had our Government insured their retirements the babyboomers would be able to retire and good paying jobs would be much more prevalent.

AARP has a great piece on this:

"For decades, demographers, academics, economists and journalists have been telling us how someday the boomers would revolutionize retirement in America. We were beguiled with portraits of healthy, energetic retirees leaving their jobs and devoting themselves to personal improvement and community service.

Well, that someday has finally arrived. And guess what? Millions of boomers who want to retire find that they can't retire. Several national opinion polls and studies reveal that many would-be retirees are so overwhelmed by money worries and concerns about health insurance that they have decided to delay retirement!"

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