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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stand strong Democrats, WE can get healthcare reform done!

First of all, if you have a single brain cell you know that the American healthcare system HAS to be reformed. If you're conservative or liberal you should be appalled at the inefficiency of the current American healthcare system. But guess what, the healthcare providers aren't.

Yes that's right, the mixture of government funding and private enterprise has created a monster that is doing it's best to strangle reform and stifle debate. The GOP, the party of 'small Govt' has opened a buffet of tax money for the insurance companies to feed on (see Medicare part D). In creating a a system which is funded by tax payers and run by private corporations our elected officials have created and encouraged a healthcare cartel which has no competition and has complete control of the industry.

Hear that fiscal conservatives and free market worshippers? You should be outraged at this.

But of course private run healthcare companies are going to be worse than public options, think about it. The employees of these companies are rewarded for obtaining as much money as possible while approving as little treatment as possible. It's in the numbers, the more money these companies make the more money they take to their shareholders on Wallstreet. That's why when one of your relatives goes for a life threatening illness the healthcare industry fights them nail and tooth trying to figure out any possible way to deny them a procedure.

This isn't rocket science, actually the way that this system works it's more like a study in anthropology on a caste system! The more well off you are, the more likely you'll have a decent insurance plan that will actually pay for a proceedure that will save your life.

Doesn't this seem insane? Do you think this is fair?

Are you seeing a pattern by the way? All of your life you've no doubt heard over and over again how 'inefficient' government is, how terrible it is and how we need to have as little of it as we can.

Yet the Bush administration has illuminated what a terrible job private industry has done, from the shabby subcontracting construction work in Iraq which led to our service members being electrocuted while showering, to Blackwater's flagrant abuses upon the Iraqi people, to the no bid contracts that Dick Cheney's Halliburton obtained while our troops begged for better body armor and armored vehicles.

Think about that!

The next time you hear someone complain about the incompetence of the governement and the beauty of the unregulated free-market why don't you remind them of Enron, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and AIG. Enron imploded on itself with the deregulation of the energy sector and the United States government had to partially nationalize and save the investment and insurance banking sector of the United States.

But wait.... I thought the freemarket could run itself? I thought that the natural freemarket laws would prevent this from happening!

The truth? The VA and Medicare are amongst the world's most efficient and effective programs in the entire world. And they're government programs! Yet you won't hear this from from Faux News and as of lately CNN. The traditional news media is falling flat on it's face in covering healthcare from an honest point of view.

We can have effective and efficient government if we have competent people to run the programs, we need to quit electing people who campaign on the idea that government doesn't work.

What are we talking about instead? Obama's birth certificate, something the McCain campaign dismissed as a rumor to nowhere long ago.

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