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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So, I used to be a Bush Republican...........

Yeah, up until 2004. I just stumbled over some points I made in a poly sci class when I was attending NKU.

Here they are.......


Iraqi policies.

-Set oil wells on fire
-Released oil into the sea

-Invaded Kuwait in 1990

-Launched scud missiles into Saudi Arabia, and Israel
-Prepared suicide squads to act in Israel
-U.S. evidence that Iraq is funding terrorism

-Gassed Iranian people
-Gassed Kurds
-Killed opposition when coming to power
-Used civilians in Gulf War as human shields

-If not sooner then later we’ll deal with him.
-Appeasement didn’t work in 1939.
-Has Chem. weapons, trying to develop nuclear
-Weapons inspectors given run around
-French are unsupportive due to oil to their country
(a gross violation due to the embargo they signed)
(fear of terrorist action within their country to due security)
-Political opposition die under Saddam, everyone has right to freedom
-War is one of liberation
-War is one of security for U.S.
-War would stabilize region

-Democrats attempting to reenact the draft even though a draft is entirely unneeded to draw support away from the president.
-Russia was not supportive due to the multi-billion dollar debt in military supplies the Russians supplied under Soviet rule
-Europe opposed due to biased one sided-unbalanced media.
-France opposed due to oil

-War is inevitable
-Iraq like Afghanistan will be grateful
-Casualties will be light (Gulf War casualties were 240, 776 wounded against the fourth largest army in the world in 1990)
-If not acted upon pacifists and appeasers are no better than the people that sat under Adolph Hitler and did nothing
-Good and evil does exist in the world and curse those who wouldn’t act to help another human being be free.



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