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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Landmark healthcare passes the house, Chandler votes against it.....

Healthcare reform passed 220-215 yesterday. It's an incredible victory for the Democratic Party and for President Obama and humiliating for the 6th Kentucky congressional district, Ben Chandler voted against the reform bill.

We knew the healthcare fight was going to be a long hard battle, but for my congressman to vote against a bill that aims to extend healthcare benefits to millions of uninsured Americans, this is just disgraceful. Now it goes to the Senate.

I'm stunned, and disappointed with the Democratic Party at this point, especially with my congressman. I was sure after November 4th 2008 that we were going to see sweeping change in this country, and we were going to fight corporate interests in the name of populism.

I'm worried at this point that the Democratic Party after Reagan has become the flip side of the same corporate interest coin. The Democrats have got to get back to their roots and follow the populist agenda of the FDR Democrats. Regulate industry for the benefit of the workers and make the economy work for the people. The fact that the banks are making billions in profits and buying up flu vaccines before hospitals and schools while unemployment hovers around 10% is disgraceful.

A new piece from the Times shows how far out there these people really are. Apparently they're doing God's work?

But, on the bright side of things, maybe the passage of the healthcare bill is a sign that we're in fact getting back to our populist roots, in honor of the passage of the healthcare bill; here's Tommy Douglas in 'Mouseland'.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kentucky coal/UK attacked by terrorists.

Some commie hippy fascists on the University of Kentucky's campus threw up terrorist propaganda trying to ruin our glorious benevolent patriarch coal companies with their anti-freedom hatred. Why do they hate success and cheap 'clean' power that benefits our great state?

I reached out to the terror organization for comment. I was hooded and driven to an unknown location for an interview.

The leader of the terror cell had this to say:

"When someone calls me a hypocrite because I use electricity provided by coal fired power plants. I simply tell you sir/madam are wrong. I have my own generator run on Citgo gasoline which is provided by our glorious comrade Hugo Chavez."

Anyhow, here's some media coverage of the terrorist attacks, beware the pictures are disturbing.....

The Result of American Foreign Policies........

Yellow Cake from Nick Cross on Vimeo.