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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kentucky coal/UK attacked by terrorists.

Some commie hippy fascists on the University of Kentucky's campus threw up terrorist propaganda trying to ruin our glorious benevolent patriarch coal companies with their anti-freedom hatred. Why do they hate success and cheap 'clean' power that benefits our great state?

I reached out to the terror organization for comment. I was hooded and driven to an unknown location for an interview.

The leader of the terror cell had this to say:

"When someone calls me a hypocrite because I use electricity provided by coal fired power plants. I simply tell you sir/madam are wrong. I have my own generator run on Citgo gasoline which is provided by our glorious comrade Hugo Chavez."

Anyhow, here's some media coverage of the terrorist attacks, beware the pictures are disturbing.....


  1. i love these kinds of terrorists...

  2. Those punk-ass kids had best be glad that muslim Obama's there, and not George W. Bush. I'll bet they were atheists, too...