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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

House of Saddam entertaining but historically disappointing

I started watching the House of Saddam, it's highly disappointing on the American-Iraqi relations side of things. In an attempt to highlight the atrocities Saddam committed, the show really misses the bolstering of Saddam's regime by the United States, the west and the gulf states.

1. It doesn't mention our CIA's involvement to put Saddam in power in 1979 (Saddam was seen as an ally as he was fearful of the Iranian Revolution spreading).

2. It just barely touches on the aid we gave Saddam during the Iran-Iraq War (i.e. bullets, bombs, CHEMICAL weapons.

3. Mentions nothing of the United States Navy patrolling the Persian Gulf and makes no mention of an Iraqi (French made) F-1 Mirage launched 2 (French made) Exocet missiles which hit the USS Stark and killed 37 American sailors.

4. Doesn't mention that when the oil supply in the Gulf was threatened the US Navy sank the entire Iranian fleet.

Uhhgg!! Hollywood!

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