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Thursday, April 8, 2010

So I went to Rand Paul's University of Kentucky Rally pt 2...

That Rand... Oops! Wrong libertarian Rand, this is Ayn Rand, same political views though. Rand Paul UK stuff is below.

What about the states that aren't as wealthy as others? I love how these two agree until this conservative professor highlights studies that have concluded there is very little class mobility in the United States. This is pretty much the basis of the libertarian argument, most will deny it but it's a sad truth the economic system they advocate attempts to revoke 100 years of progress that we have fought and died for in this country. While it might be highly efficient, we pay for it with human suffering.

David Adams, Rand said he couldn't stay and had to run to Louisville. I'm perplexed at his facebook political views, "Capitalism".

Crowd view, I did this to ensure there was an accurate count of people who were there.

Don't get sick, or if you do have lots of money.

Terrorists hate 'Merica.

I followed him to his bus, I was honestly just trying to connect with him on the nuclear issue, as I'm a proponent of emissionless power. Guess the camera freaked him out. I did get a signed campaign sign which is currently sitting on my mantle...

More to come as I break some of the larger files down.

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