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Friday, May 21, 2010

Jack Conway for United States Senate!

What did Rand have to say when he figured out he wasn't campaigning to the radical right past the primary?

Go Conway go!

Here's a recap of Rand at The University of Kentucky

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I have to suspend politics on this blog till November

Jack and I in were in Lexington today.

Hey Rand, guess what Jack and Daniel BOTH got more votes than you did in this primary, get ready for a licking this November you carpetbagging 19th Century Texas idiot.

And Rand, we're going to make sure that all eligible voters do get to vote ;-)

It's primary day Kentucky!

Get out and vote!! Plain and simple!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Trey Grayson, I have a message for you.....

Your staff ignored the videos I offered you of Rand Paul at UK talking about all sorts of tough love for the American public on video here, here and here, these weren't just volatile comments that Republicans would find offensive, no one living in the 21st century who has something to lose would approve of these comments. Trey, I'm disappointed and I think you're going to get your tail handed to you this Tuesday.

Please for the love of God, don't drunk dial Freedomworks

Freedomworks is for freedom, it says so in their name dummy, do you hate freedom?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Glen Beck hypocrisy, 'Back in black'

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

David O'Neill is a great PVA, Lexington needs him

There is one good choice for the Democratic primary for PVA and that's David O'Neill.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The 17th Amendment

Trey Grayson, once a Democrat turned to a right leaning conservative arguable a moderate is pretty much toast as far as the Republican primary goes. While I would have supported either Democrat (let's be honest there are 2 serious candidates) Trey wouldn't had been that bad although he still would have driven me up the wall no doubt, but he wasn't part of the group that Rand Paul is which wants to repeal the 17th Amendment, the direct election of our Federal senators.

When the country was founded it was each state's legislature that choose who would represent such state in the United States Senate. Problems began to arise with the system as early as the 1850's as legislatures weren't sending senators to Washington coupled with allegations of bribes and foulplay in their appointments. The catalyst came during the industrial boom starting in the 1870's after the American Civil War. Corruption was so widespread during the Guilded Age when President U.S. Grant used the phrase "now let us have peace" the running joke was those in government and industry heard "now let us have a piece". When running for his seat Illinois’ Senator, William Lorimer bought his seat when he bribed members of the Illinois state assembly.

Big surprise, the golden rule plays out again; those with the gold make the rules or in this case those with the gold buy a senate seat. It was in fact the Populist Party of the late 19th century that advocated the direct election of senators, coupled with the problems of the appointment holdups in the state legislatures enough senators were finally brought on board to make the United States more Democratic and less Republic with the adoption of the 17th Amendment allowing for the direct election of senators every 6 years.

Now there are those people (usually completely ignorant of history) who believe the 17th Amendment should in fact be repealed in an attempt to return "The United States" to the 19th century when it was known commonly as "These United States", they believe the Federal Government has grown far too large and minimized the states as actors. And yes it's true that special interest money plays on elections at a national level, and the recent supreme court decision which struck down the laws that limited the reach of corporate influence in our elections was a terrifying ruling with awful implications in our current system if it isn't minimized.

But to say the 17th Amendment should be repealed is to say that the American people as a whole need less influence on our government, not more. These people argue that populism and our national identity should be sacrificed in favor or returning the United States to what it resembled in the 19th century, a government run and owned by those with influence and money. There are those who say and believe such things, and I for one am not one of them.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Watching the Kentucky Republican Senate debate...

Oh this is classic, video of this to come...

But for now, I seem to remember a similar sort of situation back in May 2008, we could call this a good ole fashion Kentucky douche off!

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Here's the debate on the youtube's:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Footage of the oil leak

Wow... You actually see the oil spewing out of the ocean floor at 2:15.

SNL takes on census again....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Obama blows up oil rigs and semi-truck, didn't you hear?

Yes, back to an old post I had about a former UK College Republican convinced (through Glen Beck I guarantee) that Obama is in fact blowing things up and causing natural disasters to further his eco-terrorists aims.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dutch Marines fastrope onto pirated ship, take cargo ship back

Well as if we couldn't prove again that Somalia is indeed a failed state, what can we do with these people?

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ok, some those on the right are losing their minds...

A former UK College Republican I know has been drinking far too much Glen Beck Koolaid and believes Obama caused the two oil rigs accidents. Why would he do this? Well isn't it completely evident?! He opened offshore drilling so he could stop it, duh!

See the conversation below:

No, it's not the fault of profit driven corporations who are concerned only with driving the price of oil up while eliminating safeguards on oil rigs, Obama is clearly at work here. Will that sneaky Kenyan ever stop trying to ruin our super efficient freemarket that ALWAYS acts in the best interests of the public for like a day?

Black helicopters, black helicopters! Not only are they helicopters, but they're black ones!!

Obama at the Correspondents Dinner

A really interesting map...