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Thursday, December 23, 2010

We have got to stop the consalidation of corporate power

Media consolidation might be the most dangerous of all. Comcast is raising hell over the fact that one of my favorite services Netflix is allowed to stream media for as cheap as it does.

From Huffington:

"The conditions laid out Thursday by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski are intended to guarantee that satellite providers and other rival television services can still carry marquee NBC programming and that new Internet video distributors can get the content they need to grow and compete.

Comcast's takeover of NBC Universal could have profound consequences for the nascent market for Internet video – a market that could eat into Comcast's core cable TV business if enough consumers drop their cable subscriptions in favor of low-cost alternatives online.

Genachowski wants to ensure that Comcast won't be able to use its control over NBC's vast media empire to withhold content from emerging online competitors such as Netflix Inc., Inc. and Apple Inc. – locking consumers into costly monthly cable bills to get access to a wide range of popular programming.

Genachowski now needs at least two of the other four FCC commissioners to back his proposal, and he is likely to make modifications to win the support he needs to cap off the yearlong regulatory review.

The FCC is expected to approve the deal, with conditions, early next year."

So I bring you a "mediaopoly"

Uploaded by dekku. - Classic TV and last night's shows, online.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We're living in a historic Progressive Era

Soak it up America, we're witnessing a political revolution. Not since LBJ have we seen the passage of such sweeping reforms.

With the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, the passage of the Start Treaty, and the 9/11 first responders bill Obama is truly turning out to be a revolutionary President.

Click here to see what else he's done so far.

We're advancing policies that Republicans have been trying to tear down for over a century now.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Well, well, what are the Tea Party people reading in Kentucky?

I stumbled upon this sometime back in October when I wasn't able to report on stuff like this, but after some house cleaning I turned a gem up. My oh my what were Tea Party people giving out at of all place in Louisville KY?

A little newspaper called The Freedom First which proudly bears a Confederate Flag on the front of it, hmmm, where is this going you ask yourself?

Let's take a look at October's issue:

To summarize, Jews, Jews, Jews, Zionist Media, worldwide Marxist conspiracy led by the Jews, Israel, Jews, Zionism, Jewish Media, Black hit squads that kill white people, Negroes, the Beck-Palin rally was a socialist conspiracy, and more to come.

Here's one of my favorite lines: "Or get the jump on those who can’t see equal rights for Whites by subscribing right now."

There is an unlimited amount of belly laughter embedded in these pages... I wish I had obtained the PDF version of the October and November editions of this to avoid scanning the entire paper, we'll see if this paper's "editor" responds to my email.

BTW, December's edition is available online if you're interested...

Oh yeah and btw, couldn't help posting this last pic:

Friday, December 10, 2010

Senator Awesome fillibusters

"The real difference between democracy and oligarchy is poverty and wealth. Wherever men rule by reason of their wealth, whether they be few of many, that is an oligarchy, and where the poor rule, that is democracy". -Aristotle

While the Middle Class would benefit greatly from the extension of the Bush tax cuts (temporarily), Bernie Sanders stands alone in the Senate highlighting a radical Republican agenda to destroy the Middle Class.

Can't wait for the next FDR to run these wealthy oligarchs into the ground. What they call economic freedom I call economic tyranny.

See the livestream here:

Part 1 here.

Part 2 here.

Dissenting voices chime in:

From the Washington Post:

"Barack Obama won the great tax-cut showdown of 2010 - and House Democrats don't have a clue that he did. In the deal struck this week, the president negotiated the biggest stimulus in American history, larger than his $814 billion 2009 stimulus package. It will pump a trillion borrowed Chinese dollars into the U.S. economy over the next two years - which just happen to be the two years of the run-up to the next presidential election. This is a defeat?"

UPDATE: Found this great quote...

"The absence of effective state, and, especially, national restraint upon unfair money-getting has tended to create a small class of enormously wealthy and economically powerful men, whose chief object is to hold and increase their power. The prime need is to change the conditions which enable these men to accumulate power which is not for the general welfare that they should hold or exercise.… Therefore, I believe in a…graduated inheritance tax on big fortunes, properly safeguarded against evasion and increasing rapidly in amount with the size of the estate." -Teddy Roosevelt.

Full article by Sanders here:

These people continue to push people like myself further to the left. I used to be a Republican, then a moderate Democrat. Now I'm nothing less than a liberal, let them keep going to the right and I wonder where I'll end up.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

How did I miss this Onion article?!

via The Onion:

January 17, 2001

Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over'

WASHINGTON, DC–Mere days from assuming the presidency and closing the door on eight years of Bill Clinton, president-elect George W. Bush assured the nation in a televised address Tuesday that "our long national nightmare of peace and prosperity is finally over."

My fellow Americans," Bush said, "at long last, we have reached the end of the dark period in American history that will come to be known as the Clinton Era, eight long years characterized by unprecedented economic expansion, a sharp decrease in crime, and sustained peace overseas. The time has come to put all of that behind us."

Bush swore to do "everything in [his] power" to undo the damage wrought by Clinton's two terms in office, including selling off the national parks to developers, going into massive debt to develop expensive and impractical weapons technologies, and passing sweeping budget cuts that drive the mentally ill out of hospitals and onto the street.

During the 40-minute speech, Bush also promised to bring an end to the severe war drought that plagued the nation under Clinton, assuring citizens that the U.S. will engage in at least one Gulf War-level armed conflict in the next four years.

"You better believe we're going to mix it up with somebody at some point during my administration," said Bush, who plans a 250 percent boost in military spending. "Unlike my predecessor, I am fully committed to putting soldiers in battle situations. Otherwise, what is the point of even having a military?"

Bernie Sanders again being his awesome self

Obama, you're caving into lunatics

via NYTs:

What Else Would $60 Billion Buy?

$60 Billion: The approximate amount that extending the Bush tax cuts on income above $250,000 a year — which Congress seems on the verge of doing — will cost a year, in inflation-adjusted terms. On average, the affluent households that benefit from these cuts will save $25,000 annually. What else might that $60 billion a year buy?

•As much deficit reduction as the elimination of earmarks, President Obama’s proposed federal pay freeze, a 10 percent cut in the federal work force and a 50 percent cut in foreign aid — combined.

•A tripling of federal funding for medical research.

•Universal preschool for 3- and 4-year-olds, with relatively small class sizes.

•A much larger troop surge in Afghanistan, raising spending by 60 percent from current levels.

•A national infrastructure program to repair and upgrade roads, bridges, mass transit, water systems and levees.

•A 15 percent cut in corporate taxes.

•Twice as much money for clean-energy research as suggested by a recent bipartisan plan.

•Free college, including room and board, for about half of all full-time students, at both four- and two-year colleges.

•A $500 tax cut for all households.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Senator Awesome lifts the curtain on the financial crisis

The only problem I have with Bernie Sanders is the fact he isn't my senator.

These banks aren't doing anything for the American people. It's time we took a hard look at the systematic structural problems our current economic model is diseased with.

"The Federal Reserve has made public an enormous trove of data about the emergency measures it took during the worst of the credit crunch and the ensuing recession. It's confusing stuff: arcane spreadsheets showing more than 21,000 transactions totaling more than $3.3 trillion via an alphabet soup of programs. (Gratuitous example: the Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility, or, well, ABCPMMMFLF.) Still, the revelations provide a fascinating glimpse into the workings of the Fed in the apocalyptic days of 2008, when the world economy was on the verge of collapse. They also leave one major question unanswered.

First things first: Why did the notoriously shy Fed post the detailed data this week? Because Congress forced it to. The Dodd-Frank financial-reform law included a provision, authored by longtime critic of Fed secrecy Sen. Bernie Sanders, requiring the disclosure of the information by Dec. 1. Right on deadline, the central bank opened up.

During its multitrillion-dollar rescue of the financial system, the Fed continued its usual policy of omertà, shrugging off requests from politicians and journalists for information about the trillions in emergency loans it was making. By way of explanation, the Fed told Bloomberg at the time that the country was facing "an unprecedented crisis" wherein "loss in confidence in and between financial institutions can occur with lightning speed and devastating effects." Essentially, the Fed worried that more information might make a very bad situation even worse.

But now—with the recovery under way and bank profits healthy again—the Fed has coughed the data up. The trove shows which firms used what facilities, when, for how much, and on what terms. (The Wall Street Journal has a handy tool so that the curious don't need to wade through spreadsheets.)

It makes for interesting reading—or, at least, holds some interesting revelations even for those not tickled by the sight of spreadsheets. Consider the case of investment-banking giant Goldman Sachs, whose transactions with the Fed are here. The company, among the most profitable on Wall Street, has boasted that it would have been able to survive the crisis without government assistance. President Gary Cohn said it explicitly in Vanity Fair last year, in a piece by my fellow Moneybox columnist Bethany McLean. "I think we would not have failed," he said. "We had cash."

Meanwhile, Senator Awesome will continue to illustrate and infuriate me (in a good way) about how corporate oligarchy poisons our Democracy.

The rest is here:

Bankers, Wallstreet terrorists and business elites alike beware, Bernie Sanders has come to do two things...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bernie Sanders blows lid of secrecy off of bailout, fallout to come...

Let heads roll... I can't wait for a complete transformation away from this ridiculous system. Thank God we have 'Senator Awesome' coming to bat for the American people!

"Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said the Federal Reserve's recent disclosure about transactions it undertook during the financial crisis lifted the "veil of secrecy" at the Fed, one that he wants to further expand with congressional investigations.

"After years of stonewalling by the Fed, the American people are finally learning the incredible and jaw-dropping details of the Fed's multi-trillion-dollar bailout of Wall Street and corporate America," he said in a statement. "Perhaps most surprising is the huge sum that went to bail out foreign private banks and corporations. As a result of this disclosure, other members of Congress and I will be taking a very extensive look at all aspects of how the Federal Reserve functions."

Sanders specifically said he wants to explore whether institutions used near zero-interest-loans from the Fed to buy higher-yielding Treasury bonds.

"That's corporate welfare," he said. "This is something that has to be examined very closely."

He also said he wanted to dig into whether large financial institutions prematurely paid back funds from the Troubled Asset Relief Program to avoid executive compensation limits while still relying on loans from the Fed.

"These guys on another planet operate to protect their own incredible wealth while they ignore the needs of the average American," he said."

The rest is here:

Lexington KY offering free (Communist) public Wi-Fi in certain areas

Beware Kentucky, Communism is taking hold in the city of Lexington. Lexington is offering free Wi-Fi internet in certain areas of the city, yeah that's right FREE Wi-Fi as in not for profit tax payer funded.

Guess I missed this creeping red threat while I was trying to catch Liberty Christ saying something stupid for a good 6 months.

Eeekk!! Socialism/Communism! Run and hide Kentucky this must only be the beginning of a worldwide push to destroy free markets and capitalism!

Memo from the Commissar's (Mayor's) office about it here:

"Mayor Jim Newberry today announced that the expanded wireless network targeting the downtown business district and underserved areas in the East End is now operational.

In addition, work will soon be complete on a public safety wireless network that will serve officers in the field, and on a network in the Cardinal Valley area. Completion is expected on both before the end of the year.

“This network is a bridge over the digital divide in the underserved East End and soon in Cardinal Valley,” Newberry said. “Ultimately, it will also make our community safer by supporting our police officers, Sheriff’s deputies and firefighters in the field, enabling them to use the computers that are in their vehicles to access key databases and transmit information quickly.”

Over the past year, a $550,000 grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, asset forfeiture money from the Division of Police and approximately $1.1 million in state and federal public safety grants to the city and to the Sheriff’s Office were used to expand and reactivate the network, which originally served only the downtown business district.

Lexington Police Commander Alan Martin said Police Chief Ronnie Bastin has made establishment of the network a priority, choosing to use grants and asset forfeiture funds for the network over other needed projects because it will benefit the entire law enforcement community. The public safety network will soon cover major roads throughout the community."

The rest is here.

Comrades Marx and Lenin are no doubt overjoyed as they burn in hell for their anti-capitalist crimes. This is no doubt a Communist plot to expedite the government death panel denial process.

Will this birther nonsense ever end?

Well I guess Clinton had allegations of black helicopters and he of course murdered his own cabinet.

Anderson Cooper lays the smack down, now this is journalism.