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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lexington KY offering free (Communist) public Wi-Fi in certain areas

Beware Kentucky, Communism is taking hold in the city of Lexington. Lexington is offering free Wi-Fi internet in certain areas of the city, yeah that's right FREE Wi-Fi as in not for profit tax payer funded.

Guess I missed this creeping red threat while I was trying to catch Liberty Christ saying something stupid for a good 6 months.

Eeekk!! Socialism/Communism! Run and hide Kentucky this must only be the beginning of a worldwide push to destroy free markets and capitalism!

Memo from the Commissar's (Mayor's) office about it here:

"Mayor Jim Newberry today announced that the expanded wireless network targeting the downtown business district and underserved areas in the East End is now operational.

In addition, work will soon be complete on a public safety wireless network that will serve officers in the field, and on a network in the Cardinal Valley area. Completion is expected on both before the end of the year.

“This network is a bridge over the digital divide in the underserved East End and soon in Cardinal Valley,” Newberry said. “Ultimately, it will also make our community safer by supporting our police officers, Sheriff’s deputies and firefighters in the field, enabling them to use the computers that are in their vehicles to access key databases and transmit information quickly.”

Over the past year, a $550,000 grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, asset forfeiture money from the Division of Police and approximately $1.1 million in state and federal public safety grants to the city and to the Sheriff’s Office were used to expand and reactivate the network, which originally served only the downtown business district.

Lexington Police Commander Alan Martin said Police Chief Ronnie Bastin has made establishment of the network a priority, choosing to use grants and asset forfeiture funds for the network over other needed projects because it will benefit the entire law enforcement community. The public safety network will soon cover major roads throughout the community."

The rest is here.

Comrades Marx and Lenin are no doubt overjoyed as they burn in hell for their anti-capitalist crimes. This is no doubt a Communist plot to expedite the government death panel denial process.

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