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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Well, well, what are the Tea Party people reading in Kentucky?

I stumbled upon this sometime back in October when I wasn't able to report on stuff like this, but after some house cleaning I turned a gem up. My oh my what were Tea Party people giving out at of all place in Louisville KY?

A little newspaper called The Freedom First which proudly bears a Confederate Flag on the front of it, hmmm, where is this going you ask yourself?

Let's take a look at October's issue:

To summarize, Jews, Jews, Jews, Zionist Media, worldwide Marxist conspiracy led by the Jews, Israel, Jews, Zionism, Jewish Media, Black hit squads that kill white people, Negroes, the Beck-Palin rally was a socialist conspiracy, and more to come.

Here's one of my favorite lines: "Or get the jump on those who can’t see equal rights for Whites by subscribing right now."

There is an unlimited amount of belly laughter embedded in these pages... I wish I had obtained the PDF version of the October and November editions of this to avoid scanning the entire paper, we'll see if this paper's "editor" responds to my email.

BTW, December's edition is available online if you're interested...

Oh yeah and btw, couldn't help posting this last pic:

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