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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Violence in the U.K. revolution in Egypt, things to come in the U.S.?

Armed with information, tech savvy, networked and furious at where cuts are being placed citizens are standing up against their governments.

Watch the full episode. See more FRONTLINE.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Racists strike again in Lexington, let's help them find a tall building to jump off of.

Dear asshats, do us all a favor:  Find the closest tall structure and throw yourselves off of it.  I'll list some structures for you to pick from.


UK police investigating signs that call Obama a racial epithet

University of Kentucky officials are investigating two incidents in which someone hung signs that called President Barack Obama a racial epithet.
On March 15, a professor noticed one such sign hanging on a door to the UK School of Law on South Limestone. He turned it in to campus police, who are investigating, said spokesman Jay Blanton.

Early Thursday morning, third year law student Ches Clark said he found a sign affixed to a bus shelter on South Lime near Maxwelton Court. The sign said "How Do You Spell Nigger? OBAMA."
The letters looked to be cut out of a menu, glued to another piece of paper and photocopied, Clark said.

UK police could charge whoever posted the signs with third degree criminal mischief, Blanton said. It's not clear whether anyone from UK was involved, but police are investigating because the first sign was on UK property, he said.
Clark took the sign to his law-school class on racism and criminal law and posted a copy of it on his Facebook page.
His law professor, Roberta Harding, said the sign looked juvenile, yet someone had gone to a lot of trouble to make it.

The general sentiment in class was that whoever posted the sign should "get over" Obama being president, Harding said.
"I think people were upset in a positive way," she said.
In 2008, two college-age men were arrested after hanging an effigy of Obama from a tree on the UK campus with a noose around its neck.

The grand jury dismissed charges of second-degree burglary, theft by unlawful taking and disorderly conduct against Hunter Bush and Joe Fischer, who had graduated from UK.
Fischer and Bush expressed remorse but said they were reacting to news about a Sarah Palin effigy in California."

Readers, please feel free to list tall structures you think would be adequate aids to facilitate their leaps forward to raise IQ's in the state.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

After a taxpayer bailout Wallstreet is having those Americans with debts locked up

Unbelievable, if there was more naked aggression we just might have a revolution:

From the WSJ:

"In September 2009, Jeffrey Stearns, a concrete-company owner, answered a knock at the door from a Hancock County, Ind., deputy sheriff. The deputy was holding a warrant to arrest Mr. Stearns for not paying $4,024.88 owed to a unit of American International Group [AIG, one of the banks that got a taxpayer bailout!] Inc. on a loan for his pickup truck.

After being handcuffed in front of his four children, Mr. Stearns, 29 years old, spent two nights in jail, where he said he was strip-searched and sprayed for lice. Court records show he was released after agreeing to pay $1,500 to the loan company. "I didn't even know I was being sued," he said, though he doesn't dispute owing the money. "It's the scariest thing that ever happened to me."

People, this situation is quickly coming to a head. The last 11 years have been nothing but a power grab by corporate elites, executives and the rich and powerful.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Maine governor strips state Department of Labor of labor struggle mural, thank him for it

Thanks for waking a sleeping giant up Tea Party.

via WMTW:

"AUGUSTA, Maine -- Maine Gov. Paul LePage has ordered the removal of a 36-foot mural depicting the state's labor history from the lobby of the Department of Labor headquarters building in Augusta.

In addition, the LePage administration is renaming several department conference rooms that carry the names of pro-labor icons such as Cesar Chavez.

LePage spokesman Dan Demeritt says the mural and the conference room names are not in keeping with the department's pro-business goals and some business owners complained.

The mural was erected in 2008. It depicts several moments in Maine labor history, including a 1937 shoe mill strike in Auburn and Lewiston and "Rosie the Riveter" at the Bath Iron Works.

Don Berry, President of the Maine AFL-CIO, issued a statement Wednesday morning in response to the announcement that themural is being removed.

“It's unfortunate that Governor LePage continues to pick fights with the working class in Maine. This is political payback, the opposite of putting people first. It's a spiteful, mean-spirited move by the Governor that does nothing to create jobs or improve the Maine economy," said Berry."

Link to the video and article found here:

Take a moment and thank these radicals for pissing Independents and the moderate to left side off, no I'm serious as a heart attack, do it. These people thought they had an angry electorate with the Tea Party starting in '09. Just look at the videos from Wisconsin and this was just the beginning:

In just 3 months they've managed to energize the side that more or less stayed home in 2010.  Congratulations in proving to those of us who warned of a radical right wing agenda that we were in fact entirely correct.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rand Paul running for President?

I wouldn't put it past the guy. His ego dwarfs almost every politician I've seen/heard. However Joe has his doubts:

"Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., visited Charleston Monday to talk about his possible presidential bid, how to rein in the national debt and the current military action in Libya.

Paul, a tea party favorite who won his Senate seat last fall, is visiting several early presidential voting states independently of his father, 2008 presidential contender and current U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas.

"The only decision I've made is I won't run against my dad," Rand Paul said.

He has upcoming trips planned to Iowa and New Hampshire, in part, he said, because "I want the tea party to have an influence over who the nominee is in 2012."

Paul said he favors a balanced budget amendment and restructuring Social Security and Medicare to increase the age when future benefits will kick in and to limit benefits to those who have relatively more income. Paul said he is working with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., on Social Security reform.

Paul also expressed skepticism about the wisdom of the current U.S. military involvement in Libya, particularly when the nation's forces are engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan. "I'm not sure we need to be involved in a third war," he said. "You should ask the question, 'Is Libya a threat to our national security?' I'd like to have that debate."

Paul, whose new "The Tea Party Goes to Washington" book was written with help from Charleston columnist and radio personality Jack Hunter, said his political beliefs are similar to his father's but not always identical. For instance, Paul said unlike his father, he supports keeping open the terrorist prison at Guantanamo Bay and military -- not civil -- trials for those captured on the battlefield.

Paul appeared in the College of Charleston's Bully Pulpit Series and the Charleston Meeting, a new invitation-only, center-right organization that invites prominent politicians to address its members off the record."

The original article here:

Headstomper stalls again, and again

Flipping pathetic. I hope they pull this guy through the ringer:

A former Rand Paul volunteer accused of kicking a liberal activist during Kentucky's fall senate race appears in court.

Tim Profitt asked a judge to dismiss the assault charge he faces following a scuffle outside the October debate between Rand Paul and Jack Conway in Lexington.

Profitt says he is protected under a state law that allows the use of force "in defense of a third person" and Profitt's attorney says he was protecting Paul.

The judge in the case gave attorneys ten days to submit attitional documents.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Psywar illustrates thought control on the American people

Friday, March 18, 2011

Why isn't Wallstreet in jail?

Great read, the article can be found here:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wisconsin workers should call for a general strike!

Rand Paul fights against lightbulb restriction tyranny!

And the Tea Party marches on!

via WP:

Senator Rand Paul’s toilets don’t work, and he blames the Department of Energy.

At a hearing of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources on Thursday, Mr. Paul lambasted Kathleen Hogan, deputy assistant secretary for energy efficiency at the Energy Department, telling her that the department’s “hypocrisy” and “busybody nature” has “restricted choices” for consumers rather than made life better for them.

“You don’t care about the consumer really,” Mr. Paul said. “Frankly, my toilets don’t work in my house, and I blame you.”

The hearing was called not to examine toilet policy, but to consider two proposed bills, one that would update energy efficiency standards for appliances and a second that would repeal a measure passed in 2007 to phase in new efficiency standards for light bulbs beginning next year.

The new standards would make the current form of 100-watt incandescent bulbs obsolete. Those bulbs have long been known to be particularly inefficient, emitting far more heat than light.

Conservatives have taken up the cause of the incandescent light bulb, saying the government is trying to dictate to Americans what kind of light bulbs they can use in their homes. In the Senate, Mike Enzi, a Wyoming Republican, has proposed a bill to repeal the light bulb standards that is co-sponsored by at least 22 other senators, including Mr. Paul. The bill, the Better Use of Light Bulbs Act (or the BULB Act — get it?), is Senate Bill 395.

Two bills are on the books in the House of Representatives. One, H.R. 91, is identical to the BULBS Act in the Senate and is sponsored by Representative Joe Barton, Republican of Texas, and 12 others. A second, H.R. 849, is sponsored by Representative Michele Bachmann, Republican of Minnesota, who introduced a similar bill two years ago and who mentioned the looming bulb restrictions in her Tea Party response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech in January. That bill is co-sponsored by four other House members, including Representative Ron Paul, the father of Senator Paul.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

GOP invents a conservative version of Google

Haha, follow the link, it's pretty funny:

GOP Google

As wealthiest 5% get richer, the Middle Class feels the pinch

From Salon:

What a difference two years makes. On March 9, 2009 the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit the bottom -- closing at a 12-year low of 6,547. Today the Dow is soaring well over 12,000.

From its peak in October, 2007 until its trough two years ago, the stock market lost almost $8 trillion in value. That value hasn't been completely restored but the Street is well on the way.

Some say the Street's buoyant revival should pull the rest of the economy with it. But this is hardly a buoyant recovery.

In theory, at least, the extraordinary bull market should be making Americans feel far wealthier than they felt two years ago. So they should be spending far more, and that spending should be fueling far more job growth than it is.

Why hasn't it happened? In reality, the vast majority of Americans don't feel wealthier because they hold few if any shares of stock. In fact most feel poorer because their major asset is their homes -- now worth 20 to 40 percent less than they were worth in 2007 (and there's no sign of a rebound in housing).

The Street's bull market over the last two years has seriously enriched only the wealthiest 5 percent of Americans who hold the lion's share of stock. While their earned income starts at $210,000, their unearned income -- dividends and capital gains -- now puts them considerably above that.

Lunatics come out with school shooting game

OMG, this is beyond morally reprehensible.

"Checkerboarded Studios set out to make a game in which you shoot schoolchildren for fun and succeeded only in offending everyone.

When I first heard about School Shooter: North American Tour 2012, I was appalled. Why would any sane person make a game that so clearly crossed the line from healthy entertainment into psychosis? I reached out to one of the developers - known only as Pawnstick - who is busy putting the finishing touches on the mod that uses Valve's Half-Life 2 code to portray events that are eerily similar to Columbine and Virginia Tech. Pawnstick was surprisingly articulate, but his responses confirm that School Shooter: North American Tour 2012 is not only morally reprehensible but also dangerous for the game industry as a whole.

In the game, you play a disgruntled student who decides to start shooting and killing students, teachers and even janitors in a school setting. You rack up points for the amount of people that you kill before you are overwhelmed by police and SWAT teams sent to take you down. As your time on the level ends, you are given the option of killing yourself to end the session. Then you can just fire it up again to try to get more points - by killing as many innocent people as you can."

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Great Recession pushes children into the streets

via Kentucky Democratic Socialism:

"When people refuse to obey, then democracy comes alive." Howard Zinn

"When people refuse to obey, then democracy comes alive." -Howard Zinn

Protesters flood a townhall meeting in Wisconsin.

The mob is beginning to think and reason! What a time to be alive!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Remembering who's actually under attack in this economy

From the NYT's:

"Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people."
-Theodore Roosevelt

"Mr. Buffett compiled a data sheet of the men and women who work in his office. He had each of them make a fraction; the numerator was how much they paid in federal income tax and in payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare, and the denominator was their taxable income. The people in his office were mostly secretaries and clerks, though not all.

It turned out that Mr. Buffett, with immense income from dividends and capital gains, paid far, far less as a fraction of his income than the secretaries or the clerks or anyone else in his office. Further, in conversation it came up that Mr. Buffett doesn’t use any tax planning at all. He just pays as the Internal Revenue Code requires. “How can this be fair?” he asked of how little he pays relative to his employees. “How can this be right?”

Even though I agreed with him, I warned that whenever someone tried to raise the issue, he or she was accused of fomenting class warfare.

“There’s class warfare, all right,” Mr. Buffett said, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

This conversation keeps coming back to mind because, in the last couple of weeks, I have been on one television panel after another, talking about how questionable it is that the country is enjoying what economists call full employment while we are still running a federal budget deficit of roughly $434 billion for fiscal 2006 (not counting off-budget items like Social Security) and economists forecast that it will grow to $567 billion in fiscal 2010."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Scott Walker is in big trouble

When the Wall Street Journal says you're in trouble as a Republican, you're in trouble:

In what may be the result of one of the great political miscalculations of our time, Scott Walker’s popularity in his home state is fast going down the tubes.

A Rasmussen poll out today reveals that almost 60% of likely Wisconsin voters now disapprove of their aggressive governor’s performance, with 48% strongly disapproving.

While these numbers are clearly indicators of a strategy gone horribly wrong, there are some additional findings in the poll that I suspect deserve even greater attention.

It turns out that the state’s public school teachers are very popular with their fellow Badgers. With 77% of those polled holding a high opinion of their educators, it is not particularly surprising that only 32% among households with children in the public school system approve of the governor’s performance. Sixty-seven percent (67%) disapprove, including 54% who strongly disapprove.

A relevant video, we should all be raging against the machine!

Throw off the chains of the oligarchs! Democracy will lead us to freedom and prosperity!

The assault on the Middle Class (great graph included)

It's bleeding over onto the links, but I don't care.

A short video that follows Union busting throughout the years

20 lies told by Scott Walker

From Filtered News:

We’re used to politicians stretching the truth, but the level of deception and dishonesty Wisconsin’s governor has exhibited in the battle over his union-busting budget repair bill (even the name is a falsehood) sinks to astounding new lows. What follows are the 20 lies I’ve identified in a quick review of the record. If you find or recall others, please let me know. We’ll keep updating.

Walker: His bill is about fixing a budget crisis.

The truth: Even Fox News’ Shepherd Smith couldn’t swallow that one, declaring that it’s all about politics and union busting, and “to pretend that this is about a fiscal crisis in the state of Wisconsin is malarkey.”

Walker: says he campaigned on his budget repair plan, including curtailing collective bargaining.

“We introduced a measure last week, a measure I ran on during the campaign, a measure I talked about in November during the transition, a measure I talked about in December when we fought off the employee contracts, an idea I talked about in the inauguration, an idea I talked about in the state of the state. If anyone doesn’t know what’s coming, they’ve been asleep for the past two years.”

The truth: Walker, who offered many specific proposals during the campaign, did not go public with even the sketchiest outline of his far-reaching plans to kill collective bargaining rights. He could not point to any statements where he did. In fact, he was caught on tape boasting to what he thought was his billionaire backer that he had “dropped the bomb.”

Walker: keeps saying that “almost all” of the protesters at the Capitol are from outside the state

The truth: “The vast majority of people protesting are from here — Wisconsin and even more from Dane County,” said Joel DeSpain, public information officer for the Madison Police Department.

Walker: He wants to negotiate.

The truth: He won’t negotiate, but he’ll pretend to so he can trick the 14 Dem senators into allowing a vote on his bill. Walker recently offered to actually sit down and speak with the minority leader – something he should have done anyway and long ago – but only if the rest of the senators came back with him. Why?

“…legally, we believe, once they’ve gone into session, they don’t physically have to be there. If they’re actually in session for that day and they take a recess, the 19 Senate Republicans could then go into action and they’d have a quorum because they started out that way…But that would be the only, if you heard that I was going to talk to them, that would be the only reason why. We’d only do it if they came back to the capital with all 14 of them. And my sense is, hell, I’ll talk to them. If they want to yell at me for an hour, you know, I’m used to that, I can deal with that. But I’m not negotiating.”

'America Is NOT Broke': Michael Moore Speaks in Madison, WI

Friday, March 4, 2011

Scott Walker takes a nose dive in the polls (yippee!!)

From TPM:

Bizarre for a Rasmussen poll which tends to lean heavily Republican.

"Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's efforts to strip public employee unions of most of their collective bargaining rights appears to be so unpopular, that a Rasmussen poll now finds that almost 60% of likely Wisconsin voters disapprove of his job performance.

That finding shows just how quickly Walker -- who was elected to his first term last November with 52% of the vote -- has sunk just in his first two months in office. And it comes one day after Rasmussen released results from the same poll, all of which showed public opinion firmly on the side of the unions in the labor rights battle that has deadlocked the state capitol for the past few weeks.

In the poll, 57% of respondents said they disapprove of Walker's job performance -- including 48% who say they strongly disapprove. Meanwhile, only 43% said they approve of the job Walker is doing.

Not surprisingly, respondents who said they belong to a public union sided heavily against Walker, with roughly eight in ten giving him negative marks on job performance. Yet not only were public sector union members opposed to Walker, but a majority of private sector union members also disapproved of the governor by a 53% to 43% margin."

These are Middle Class people, stop robbing the Middle Class! Stand with the workers in Wisconsin!

Westboro Church hate group to bring their vile hideous message to Kentucky

Via LEX 18: Yeah unfortunately. I hope there's a good progressive protest, here are the details:

LOUISVILLE (AP) - Members of a Kansas church who won a Supreme Court case that gives them broad rights to continue jeering protests say they plan to picket at Kentucky churches this weekend.

The Westboro Baptist Church announced in faxes that members plan to protest at an Owensboro Catholic church that was the site of a suicide of a man who said in a note he had been sexually abused.

The group says it will also target two more Protestant churches in Owensboro and a Catholic church in Louisville.

The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the church's incendiary rhetoric was protected by the First Amendment.

The Diocese of Owensboro declined to comment. Cecelia Price of the Archdiocese of Louisville told The Courier-Journal that church officials have notified police and plan to ignore the protest.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A great quote to think of when we contemplate helping those in need.

"We have all made mistakes. But Dante tells us that divine justice weighs the sins of the cold-blooded and the sins of the warm-hearted on different scales. Better the occasional faults of a party living in the spirit of charity than the consistent omissions of a party frozen in the ice of its own indifference."

--FDR at the DNC, 1936

Do you make a living wage? Find out.

Simply follow the links:

Majority of Americans back public Unions (thank God!)

via NYT:

"As labor battles erupt in state capitals around the nation, a majority of Americans say they oppose efforts to weaken the collective bargaining rights of public employee unions and are also against cutting the pay or benefits of public workers to reduce state budget deficits, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll."

"Americans oppose weakening the bargaining rights of public employee unions by a margin of nearly two to one: 60 percent to 33 percent. While a slim majority of Republicans favored taking away some bargaining rights, they were outnumbered by large majorities of Democrats and independents who said they opposed weakening them."

Suck it you Union busting fascists.