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Thursday, March 24, 2011

After a taxpayer bailout Wallstreet is having those Americans with debts locked up

Unbelievable, if there was more naked aggression we just might have a revolution:

From the WSJ:

"In September 2009, Jeffrey Stearns, a concrete-company owner, answered a knock at the door from a Hancock County, Ind., deputy sheriff. The deputy was holding a warrant to arrest Mr. Stearns for not paying $4,024.88 owed to a unit of American International Group [AIG, one of the banks that got a taxpayer bailout!] Inc. on a loan for his pickup truck.

After being handcuffed in front of his four children, Mr. Stearns, 29 years old, spent two nights in jail, where he said he was strip-searched and sprayed for lice. Court records show he was released after agreeing to pay $1,500 to the loan company. "I didn't even know I was being sued," he said, though he doesn't dispute owing the money. "It's the scariest thing that ever happened to me."

People, this situation is quickly coming to a head. The last 11 years have been nothing but a power grab by corporate elites, executives and the rich and powerful.

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