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Monday, April 18, 2011

Barefoot's nice wrapup of this weekend's governor's poll

The full wrap found here: Barefoot

Let's look at how this polls' results fared compared to the last SUSA poll from 2010 in the Paul/Conway race, just before the election. In last year's poll (whose results were dead on, with Paul winning by 9), here was support for the Tea Party:

Favorable- 42%
Unfavorable- 29%
Neutral- 20%
No opinion-10%

And here is Kentucky's opinion of the Tea Party now:

Favorable- 35%
Unfavorable- 36%
Neutral- 26%
No opinion- 3%

That's a 14-point net slide in just under 6 months. If born-again tea partier Williams intends on riding a wave of teabaggery into the governor's mansion, it might prove more difficult than he thinks.

It's also worth looking at how the crosstabs in SUSA have shifted from last year's Senate race to the gubernatorial race. Below are some breakdowns, with last years Senate race in parentheses indicating Conway and Paul:

Beshear- 73 (66)
Williams- 19 (30)

Beshear- 22 (14)
Williams- 68 (81)

Beshear- 42 (51)
Williams- 42 (45)

Blue Bluegrass weighs in on Williams, the clear favorite in the KY GOP primary.

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