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Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy economic populism Batman! Elizabeth Warren on UK's campus tonight!

Details here:

Who:  Elizabeth Warren (aka, crimefighter for the Middle Class and American people)
What:  Debt, Credit, and the Middle Class
When: Tonight 7pm, Monday April 18th 2011
Where: Memorial Hall, UK's campus, 610 South Limestone Street 40506-0049   (follow this link)
How:  Anyway you can, make sure you make it.

I'll be there getting video, I'll post as quickly as I can.

Here's a great PBS piece on her, she was bullied out of the Clinton administration by Greenspan and others who called for minimal government and the massive expansion of the financial industry.

Oops, that was Brooksley Born, not Elizabeth Warren, still a great piece to take a look at.

This was the piece I had in mind:  Breaking the Bank. 

Here's another: Inside the Meltdown.

1 comment:

  1. Ms. Warren, oddly, has bigger balls than the whole damn Congress put together.