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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Tea/Hignite connection, conspiracy meets insanity

I guess it was only a matter of time before a wing of people who are convinced 9/11 was in fact an inside job and Lexington's ultimate conspiracy theorist Christopher Hignite brushed shoulders.

So... this pops up on my Facebook page (notice the Moffet sign):

Hmm... what might this be?

I wonder if I can see the video?


Hmm... according to the video the police were surveying Hignite because of some article he wrote, which article?

Here maybe?

Then a follow up?

Here's your Tea Party, Kentucky.  Here's Hignite's YouTube channel, Barefoot has done quite a bit of research into the Black Helicopter sort of guy.

I hid the guy who reposted this because I find this situation incredible sad.  I wrote before about the primal Tea Party motives to abandon society altogether because powerful private forces have convinced them to do so through coordinated propaganda and manipulation.

Just to bolster my case to readers who are unaware, here's one of his videos, notice he claims several calls from the same person and plays the same call over again...

Here's another "police surveillance"

This one is the kicker, 3:50 of nothing but 2 people talking about police being after them before they even turn the video camera on (notice 1 of them, I think Hignite is in a clown costume):


  1. Really?

    Not only is this poorly written, contains many falsehoods and misleading but it is also poorly researched. I have followed Mr. Hignite's articles and research on the Lexington Police Dept. and must say that his evidence is impeccable. It is also obvious that Mr. Hignite was driving in the video with the clown.

    Any decent amount of reading or reviewing the videos Hignite has posted on YouTube or proves his claims 100%.

    I certainly hope your job is not in journalism or that may explain the lack of quality investigative journalism these days.

  2. I decided to do some checking after reading this. You have 17 subscribers while Hignite has 601 on his blog and 1323 and counting on the Examiner. Hignite's most recent article has 67 Facebook 'likes', this article has 3 and they are most likely friends of yours.

    I think Hignite should do an article about you. I will forward this to him and suggest just that.

    Jealousy is an ugly thing and it causes people to make stupid mistakes.

    I am also a writer for the Examiner. If this was on topic for my title I would personally have fun discussing your little blog.

  3. But now we know who and where you are:

    Cricket Communications

    It's only a matter of time before you're captured and put into one of the FEMA camps, just couldn't keep quiet could you.

  4. Put in a FEMA camp? Does that mean free housing and free food? Hell I'll go for that. I wonder if they give folks flat screens?

  5. watched you leave Dayton Oh, to Cincinnati. You think darkness stops hyperspectral cameras?

  6. I notice that you take down any comments from the subject of your article.

    Are you afraid of debate? Are you afraid of the truth?

    It seems pretty shady to write about someone, have a comment section and then to remove the responses from the subject of the article.

    That's okay, I printed them as they were posted to use in my article discussing your silly little blog and your lack of credibility and ethics.

  7. Challenge:

    Name a conspiracy I subscribe to. Prove it by showing where I've talked or written about it.

    Next, if you can do that first, prove me wrong.

    Show me with research and evidence that anything I've written or talked about is untrue, a theory yet unproven or otherwise.

    If you remove this post, I'll know the answer to my challenge. Of course, I already know the answer because I know you cannot accomplish the challenge; it's evident on your blog.

  8. This blogger never deleted any post, must be a goberment conspiracy, here was the post he's alleging I deleted:


    Oh, they got you B. They got your IP address. Because? I don't know either. Sounds like a 'conspiracy theory' to me.

    Nice blog.
    I won't even begin to evaluate your poorly written article.

    I'll just say...What conspiracies do I talk about? Name one. Then, if you can, prove that it's a theory and not a fact.

    Did you know a recent study proved that over 77% of past 'Conspiracy Theories' turned out to be facts. With this knowledge, it seems, the study goes on to say, that it is the doubters that are actually the 'theorists'.

    The study goes on to say that most who refuse to research the conspiracy and immediately label it as 'conspiracy theory' do so due to lack of knowledge about the subject.

    Additionally, it claims that those of higher intelligence spot the conspiracies due to higher ability to retain information. It also claims that those who cannot see the truth in the conspiracy have a tendency to be television, celebrity obsessed and have little depth of knowledge in subjects of value. They also tend to be 'C' students or lower.

    That said, I shouldn't bother responding to you paltry attempt at slander. However, I think it will be fun to evaluate your site, and you in particular and put up some interesting blogs about your 'partisan' (laughable) musings.

    You do know that George Washington and our founding fathers all warned against a two-party system. No, you wouldn't know that, that would be a conspiracy theory to you because you lack depth of knowledge on that subject as well.

    Please keep writing, I quit subscribing to the Herald-Leader and I need something to laugh at occasionally.

    Christopher Hignite"

  9. I should go ahead and disclose the fact that I'm in on the killing of that prostitute with the Lexington PD.

  10. lol i know chis.. he never worked one day in his life and live off his mother for yrs oooooo as for this business lol his family got that for him.. lol and he ran it to the gound cause he got busted time and time again for drugs... ooooooooo as for this written stuff lol friend told that what he doing now lol it another CON btw don't you need a collage degree to be a good writer away?? lol i've know him all my life he never went to collage or anything his family as alway took care of his dumb ass.. anyway DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS LOSER!!!!!! HE JUST DOING ANOTHER THING TO COM PPL

  11. SORRY FOR THE SPELLING but i'm not a writer.. i'm just a blue coller worker no collage or anything but i do know this guy is nothing but a CON ARTIST DON'T LET HIM FOOL YOU