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Monday, June 13, 2011

Yeah for liberty, stomping someone's head gets you a $600 dollar fine

Rand Paul Supporter Accused Of Assault Enters Alford Plea In Case (LEX 18):

"A Rand Paul supporter charged with assaulting an activist before the November election has entered an Alford Plea in the case.

Police say Tim Profitt stepped on 23-year-old activist Lauren Valle while she was on the ground before a debate in Lexington between Paul and Jack Conway.

Profitt said he was trying to protect Paul when Valle approached the candidate with a fake award. Profitt then lost his job as the Bourbon County coordinator for the Paul campaign.

An Alford Plea means Profitt recognizes there's enough evidence for a conviction, but he's not addressing the facts alleged. Profitt will pay Valle $600 restitution. Profitt, who is currently out of state, will also serve one year of unsupervised probation.

Back in April, a judge refused a request by Profitt to have the charges against him dismissed."

I'll bet Profitt is still waiting on her to apologize. He's currently living in Arizona.

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