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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beshear and Williams have their first debate, Williams gets mad again

Sonka wraps it up with the Leo's coverage:

Some highlights:

The unexpected fireworks revolved around the state of Tennessee, as mentions of the Big Orange slowly turned Williams a little red.
As David Williams spoke out against Kentucky’s tax structure (which he views as one where the Beshear administration gets to pick winners and losers by handing out tax incentives), he advocated for a system that “taxes consumption rather than production.” He then spoke favorably of Tennessee’s system, where there is very little income tax (interest and dividends) heavily reliance on sales and property taxes:
“Our entire tax structure is broken. If you live on the Tennessee line, you understand what impact it has to be competing with people who don’t have a personal income tax.”
That prompted Steve Beshear to defend the honor of Kentucky’s tax system (“I’m not fixin’ to support tax increases on anyone”), as he went Go Big Blue on Williams:
“I don’t know the love that this fellow over here has for the Big Orange (TN). I tell you, I don’t like their football, I don’t like their basketball, and that Jack Daniels is not a bourbon, it doesn’t qualify.”
I’m not exactly sure that Kentucky voters equate our antiquated tax system with Kentucky basketball, but it did visibly irk Williams. When it was his turn he fired back, defending the honor of the Big Orange Tax Code:
“You can’t make jokes about that fella sitting over there liking orange. Our economic situation and job creation is not a funny situation right now. If you don’t think Tennessee’s creating more jobs than Kentucky, if you don’t think that the other states to the north are more competitive with job creation, and someone says we have to give leeway on our tax credits and by tax credits you create jobs, that’s nonsensical.”

Williams whinefest seen here:

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