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Monday, July 25, 2011

Even Republicans Are Sick of Tea Party Nonsense

I get the feeling that, if he were still alive, Ronald Reagan would like to choke the hell out of someone in the Tea Party movement.

Before you write that off as too outlandish, consider this: The Tea Party of 2010 America would consider Ronald Reagan to be insufficiently conservative to earn their support. Let's face it. Whatever your political orientation, if Ronald Reagan isn't conservative enough for you, you are an extremist. It's like saying that Franklin Roosevelt fella just wasn't left-wing enough.

(Then again, Ronald Reagan raised taxes, ran a huge deficit, granted amnesty to illegal immigrants, pulled troops out of the Middle East, and was, at one point, the president of a union.)

Of course, Reagan isn't the only Republican icon who'd have problems with the Tea Party. Barry Goldwater, father of the modern conservative movement, was socially liberal and actually read the Constitution a few times. He'd get booed off of Sean Hannity's Fox News set before he could even get a word out.

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