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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Americans Love Socialism: Bernie Sanders Is The 3rd Most Popular US Senator


A new PPP survey of Vermont found that Sen. Bernie Sanders one of the nation’s most left leaning senators is so well liked at home that he is the nation’s third most popular senator.
Sen. Sanders has an approval rating of 67% in Vermont, with only 28% of those polled disapproving of him. Sanders will be facing his first reelection campaign next year, and no matter whom he is matched up against he gets at least 56% of the vote. The closest any potential opponent comes to Sanders is Jim Douglas, and he trails the Senator, 56%-38%.
The real takeaway nugget from the poll is this,
Of his colleagues on which PPP has polled, the only ones who can claim to be more beloved are Hawaii’s Daniel Inouye and Wyoming’s John Barrasso, but they serve states with much more overwhelming partisan registration advantages. An independent who caucuses with the Democrats, Sanders’ unabashed democratic socialist views have nevertheless served him well with independent voters, 68% of whom like the work he has done for them. Democrats are unanimously behind him, 93-5, and even a quarter of the state’s more moderate Republicans give him good marks.”
As Bill Maher pointed out last week even conservative Americans love their socialism,
Americans don’t want less spending on healthcare, by almost 2 to 1 they want more. Only 7% of Americans are willing to do away with either Social Security or Medicare, and even 62% of tea party members say those programs are worth the cost, yet 91% say they want smaller government with fewer services. They’re like the guy whose been to prison and says sure I gargle with a guy’s balls once in a while, and there’s nothing I love more than ass play with other men, but no I can’t stand fags.
Remember this guy, the keep your government hands off my Medicare guy? He’s not alone. In one survey, 40% of people who get Medicare say that they have not used a government program. Really? Who do you think paid that hip replacement, your secret Santa? The actor and not very bright person Craig T. Nelson once said about hitting some rough spots in his life that, “I’ve been on welfare and food stamps, but anybody help me out? No.”

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