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Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 2 of #OccupyLexKY

A teaser, more to come as I get them uploaded. I'm heading back down there tonight once I finish getting some of this video up:


Video of day 2:


Here's some video of that night around 11pm. The temperature dropped on us and bottomed out to the low 40's this morning. I'd like to thank Natasha's for being so kind and generous.

Thought I'd drop the pics I have so far as well.

 Day 1:

 Day 2:

This little gem was given to us by a woman passing by, heartwarming!  :-)


  1. Great job, it's an inspiration to the oppressed, i.e. the 99%. Just remember the democrats and republicans both protect the bankers and have both been screwing us for too long.