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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Awesome "push poll" says Beshear is son of Satan

Well, maybe not but, Sonka had a good analysis:

Leo Fat Lip:

Republicans send out a fun push poll on Kentucky races

Tom Whalen from Kenton County received this phone call “survey” last night, was able to record a good portion of it, and sent it our way:

Also, Steve Beshear once threw a stick of dynamite into a bus of full of schoolchildren, and David Williams is a World War II vet that killed Adolph Hitler. Does this information make you more likely to vote for Steve Beshear or David Williams?

Yeah… so don’t be surprised if you see a certain campaign release a certain “internal poll” showing a certain candidate jumping back into contention, as opposed to being 31 percent behind.
American Democracy: still awesome.

Good catch, Joe. But I think Beshear would rather burn them to death:

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