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Friday, February 24, 2012

Redistricting in KY ruled unconstitutional by KY Supreme Court

Well oh well, there is a glimmer of justice every now and again.  Looks like David Williams won't be having his way this year, Senator Stein will keep her seat:


Kentucky Supreme Court rules legislative redistricting plan unconstitutional

FRANKFORT, KY. — The state Supreme Court on Friday upheld a circuit judge’s ruling that this year’s legislative redistricting bill is unconstitutional, and it ordered elections for the General Assembly to be run in the districts in place since 2002.
The ruling is a victory for House Republicans and one Senate Democrat who argued that the redistricting plans contained in House Bill 1, passed earlier this year, violated state constitutional guidelines.
The six-judge panel took less than four hours to rule on the matter after hearing arguments Friday morning. All six judges who sat on the panel concurred.

Rest is here:

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