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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kentucky politicians lose their minds over the UK - U of L game

Here's the exchange between Jim Gray and Fisher:

"Gray called the bourbon produced in Woodford County by the Louisville-based Brown Forman Corp. "high octane ... which encourages fantasies."

In return, Gray gave Fischer bottles of Alltech's Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, which he said would help provide the "generous lubrication" that U of L fans will need to help their loss go down easier on Saturday."

Video of it here:

And some WEKU coverage:


Now check out the senate floor exchange over at KET's website between Kathy Stein and Gerald Neil, skip ahead to around 18:00:


Here's Louisville alum Howard Fineman's take on Kentucky I love this opening line:

WASHINGTON –- All of you non-Kentuckians out there have no idea what brand of deep-fried hell is about to break loose in the Bluegrass state this week and in the New Orleans Superdome Saturday.

Why? Because the University of Louisville Cardinals are playing the University of Kentucky Wildcats for the first time ever in a Final Four match-up of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Having lived in Kentucky, and having learned to love college basketball there, I can tell you that this game, in the minds of Kentuckians, is equivalent in magnitude to: Greeks v. Persians, Grant v. Lee, Voldemort v. Harry, Jesus v. Moses, Reagan v. Evil Empire.

It’s Armageddon, catered by KFC.

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