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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama's "sugar rush" Romney's rout and it's only September

I'm no longer working in politics, but, here's a non-emotional numbers/ground game wrap up for you. 

Having worked in several losing campaigns I can tell you Obama has Romney on the ropes, no candidate swings wildly at another candidates clear strength (Obama leads on foreign policy) Jack Conway did the same thing going after Rand Paul in 2010 with that goofy Aqua Buddha ad, Romney's campaign is sweating and their position is only getting worse.

First of all, if you live in Kentucky view this race as something entirely out of your control (maybe except for donating money to the candidates). Kentucky is solidly red and will be one of the first states called for Romney come November. 

Kentuckians the swing states are all that count. Your vote in the presidential race is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

Romney is in panic mode at this point as should be expected. No Republican has won a Presidential race in 88 years without winning Ohio and even after saturating the state with ads and (until last month) retaining a good lead in fundraising, Romney can't even match even in the polls (and this was prior DNC).

Romney's abandoned Michigan as well as Pennsylvania because Obama's number there are solid as well. Both campaigns are diving into Wisconsin. This leaves a wider birth for Obama and a smaller one for Romney to hit the magic 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.

You're seeing the mood sour in the Republican circle with the talking heads 2 months before the election (and that's a very bad sign).

Unless something on par with another financial crisis hits, or Obama is caught eating a baby 2012 is over and Obama will get a second term.

That being said, Kentuckians.  You need to vote your progressive candidates in on the local level.  They're going to matter just as much, if not more than your President and Congress.

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