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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Remember Romney's 47% comments, well here's poetic justice for ya

Romney ended up with 47% of the vote...

Here's to you America.  I thought about giving up on you back when G.W. stole the Ohio election back in '04:

Speaking of percentages, here's some commentary of OWS's impact, even though the author alleges Obama carried the message and more or less ignored the movement:

"Michael Gerson in the Tuesday Washington Post got it half-right: Occupy Wall Street was a big 2012 winner by defining the narrative that others ran on. Yes! You read it here first, long ago. Gerson then fell into the rightist trap claiming Obama wants to end capitalism. Nope! Too much rightist brew for Gerson. Occupy Wall Street was indeed a huge 2012 winner, defining the narrative of the winning party, while the discredited Tea Party crashed, Sarah Palin is reduced to marginal opining, Elizabeth Warren emerges as a champion, Romney's 47 percent insult was defeated by Occupy Wall Street's 99 percent inspiration and the resurgent Ron Paul leads the battle for the allegiance of young voters."  WP:

One of my favorite #OWS videos:

And and the 47% comment just one more time:

Here's to you #OWS.

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