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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Can't Fight Against the Youth (Especially in 2020).

Millennials will encompass 1/3 of the American population in 2020.  And that is a game charger for the American electoral system.  The younger generation the most racially diverse generation in American history is pressing for a revolutionary new economic system, corporate state-capitalism has run it's course.  And a new generation with radically new values is demanding something new.  And we're going to have it, the proof is in the numbers:

 And these last 2 graphs are the real trouble to come for the GOP:

Left leaning (some reports say Socialist by nature) it's the reason concentrated capital to be shaking in their boots.

And it's attitudes beyond just criticism of capitalism.  Millennials drive less, spend less, live in urban centers avoiding small towns and are the most pro-government, socially liberal generation in American history and every piece of evidence says we're not going to grow more conservative as we age:

"Especially since the scheme of things is changing so fast. Young voters were as enthralled by Obama as their elders were frightened. He won 66 percent of the under-30 vote in 2008 and, despite four years of economic hardship, 60 percent in 2012. Not all young voters support the Democrats, of course, but the nonwhite ones overwhelmingly do, with 67 percent approving of Obama. A Pew Research Center survey found that 71 percent of nonwhites under age 30 want a bigger government that provides more services. The aggregate result is the most pro-government generation the United States has seen since the generation that voted for President Franklin Roosevelt exited the stage. An increasingly diverse young America wants the government to do more for it. An increasingly anxious older America now views government activism as a threat to its own rightful share of state resources."

So while 2014 was a small victory for the GOP, lets not forget the midterms weren't representative of what the overall electorate is, an incredible diverse, liberal coalition that's going to rule this planet, very, very soon.

"Can't fight against the young, cause we're strong"  I'm sure they'll say were 'rude, rude people'!

"Can't fight against the youth,
Cause we're strong.
Them are rude, rude people.
Can't fight against the youth,
Cause we're strong.
Them are rude, rude people.

We gonna rule this planet,
among children.
We gonna rule this planet "


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