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Saturday, January 2, 2016

5 Movies/Videos you need to see about the crash of 2008 right now.

The 2008 crash left wounds that still haven't healed 8 years later.

Here are some movies/videos you need to see about the crash ASAP:

-'The Big Short':

A star studded cast - a movie about a group of people who saw the housing crisis before everyone else.

-'Margin Call':

Kevin Spacey plays the part of a big bank executive that liquidates their toxic mortgage assets that kicks the financial crisis off.

-'Inside Job':

A great documentary narrated by Matt Damon with interviews with key players in finance.

-'David Harvey's 'The Crisis of Capitalism':

A Marxist perspective of how capitalism widens wealth inequality and doesn't deal with it's problems, but moves them around.

-'Noam Chomsky's Crisis and Hope: Theirs and Ours':

A broad discussion of the affects of the crash shortly after.

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