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Thursday, November 10, 2016

No 20th Century American Election's Anymore

Donald Trump shocked most of us on Tuesday, cutting out not only the swing states we believed competitive but cut far into the Rustbelt firewall we believed safe.

I have news for you on the left - normal politics aren't going to cut it anymore.  Populism is in the air, it's presenting itself in some non-traditional forms.  And as strange as it sounds the right is holding that trophy at the moment and we have to play catch up to remain relevant.  In 2016 people didn't want a resume, which is what Hillary Clinton was.  They wanted pitchforks and fire.

6 million people didn't bother to show up for this election, that's a lot of Americans who just didn't care to show up to vote and not we're all going to pay for it.

Michael Moore saw it a mile away with his new documentary:

8 years ago we were way too excited about Barack Obama to see the outrage of the bailouts. It took us 2 years to catch up with the Occupy movement.

Let's not get behind on this...

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